Reviewing the guidelines for the Saudi Network for Clinical Trials.


Contributing to the development and review of the policies to support the Saudi Network for Clinical Trials


Advising on best practices of similar international institutions


Participating and promoting the conduct of high standards clinical trials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Helping promote the reputation of the Saudi Network for Clinical Trials locally, regionally, and internationally.


Dr. Ahmed Alaskar
Dr. Ahmed AlaskarKAIMRC/MNG-HA (Chairman)
Dr. Abdelali Haoudi
Dr. Abdelali HaoudiKAIMRC/MNG-HA (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Majed Al Jeraisay
Dr. Majed Al JeraisayKAIMRC/MNG-HA (Member)
Dr. Ahmed AlGhamdi
Dr. Ahmed AlGhamdiSaudi Food and Drug Authority (Member)
Dr. Saleh AlGhamdi
Dr. Saleh AlGhamdiKing Fahad Medical City (Member)
Dr. Mohammed Alkelya
Dr. Mohammed AlkelyaSaudi Health Council (Member)
Dr. Riad El Fakih
Dr. Riad El Fakih King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (Member)
Dr. Mahmoud Mosli
Dr. Mahmoud Mosli King Abdulaziz University Hospital (Member)
Dr. Fatima Cassim
Dr. Fatima Cassim AstraZeneca (Member)
Dr. Hani Al-Hashmi
Dr. Hani Al-HashmiKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (Member)
Prof. Tariq Alhawassi
Prof. Tariq AlhawassiKing Saud University (Member)
Dr. Paolo Martini
Dr. Paolo MartiniModerna, Member
Dr. Mohamed Abdulkader
Dr. Mohamed AbdulkaderSanofi, Member
Dr. Mona Obaid
Dr. Mona Obaid Eli Lilly, Member
Dr. Rania Ashraf
Dr. Rania Ashraf J&J, Member